Q7 Consulting collaborates with the following partners:


FenMen is a consultancy firm active in the field of financial management, strategy realization and performance management via KPI dashboards. This is the partner who supports you in focusing on those matters that motivate and bring forward your organization as a whole. They ensure that a solid financial organization is established, that value is added and that changes become sustainable.
Fenmen has the expertise to bridge the gap between the defined KPIs on one hand and a clear dashboard on the other hand. With a proper dashboard you can adjust the course and take action on a daily basis. They unlock your data and look at the appropriate BI and reporting structure. Fenmen offers a unique, solid and coherent approach to the Navigation Cycle that leads to management of the essence, gives a grip on the result and helps to realize the goals and plans.
Fenmen works together with experts who endorse this coherent approach.