Why Q7 Consulting

Did you know that 75% of IT Projects fail to deliver their expected benefits? *) There is one constant factor: Change Management for People, Process and Technology is not appropriately managed.

Business leaders do not realize how important proper Change Management is, nor how to achieve it. Change Management is also not a technical challenge. Simply stated, but not so easily done. There is however a way that can lead to success: work together with Q7 Consulting.

Throughout our broad international experience, we have seen many projects and system implementations. And what we saw was that “this could have worked much better if…..” Thanks to our successes and learning from the mistakes we have seen and understood how to manage the outcome. This enables us to help you to prevent these mistakes and to optimize the result.

Who we are

We are an innovative consulting group that supports you as a customer in the optimal use of automated systems throughout their entire life cycle, in order to provide optimized value for your investment. We help you face your most important challenges and achieve lasting improvements in performance. We are co-workers specialized in End-to-End Automation. We excel in making your business process leading edge.

What we do

We have a unique way of focusing on Change Management of People, Process, and Technology for systems such as ERP, CRM, SRM, MES, and emerging technologies as IoT and Machine Learning. We do not simply focus on the problem, but on your entire organization:

  • We help you to get the basics right before you kick-off your project.
  • We help you maximize the return on an investment after project finalization.
  • We emphasize first and foremost the Human factor. Finding the right balance between People, Process, and Technology, powered by proper Change Management.
  • We deliver a CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) that provides effective ongoing high-level management of IT strategy execution and IT service delivery contracts.
  • We serve Manufacturing companies, especially Pharma, Food and Chemical industries.

We work transaction-based linked to your benefits.

How we can help

We help you as a customer increase your performance so that your project meets the intended benefits:

  • Enhance your capability to drive your digital transformation.
  • Improve the acceptance of change in your organization. You will create excitement in your teams by enhancing their project performance, tools, and methods.
  • Apply extensive knowledge sharing and enable people to work together in a collaborative setting. In Co-working mode, we let you experience a world that you didn’t know before.
  • Support your Digital Transformation by helping you to set your roadmap towards End-to-End Automation. Your Change Management will be enhanced.

*) Source:  Manufacturing Business Technology, May 2018  & EKCIT  website