Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on 20+ years of experience in implementations of automated systems, especially ERP. Our expertise ranges from the early phase of Idea Generation until the final phase of Optimization. And based on the principle of Continuous Improvement.

Pre-Implementation phase:

We give you a clear picture where you currently stand with regard to Maturity Level, Business Processes, Master Data, Technology, and Learning (People & Support). We help you to align the ERP implementation plan with your business strategy and then define the next steps such as ERP Package Selection, Preparation Activities and further developing your Roadmap. We prepare you for the game!

Implementation phase:

We coach you through the implementation phase and help you to optimize the use of your own IT department, IT implementation partner, and last but not least your own stakeholders. We help you adjust the course so that you meet your expected benefits, tracking the value.

If you contact us for the first time during your ERP implementation phase because you see your project not going in the right direction, we help you to get back on track.

Post-implementation phase:

We help you ensure your implementation meets the intended benefits and becomes a success. This is in any case, far from simple. We anchor the knowledge in your organization, ensuring colleagues are trained (and retain knowledge) and processes are fully in line with your business activities. But in order to maintain consistent benefits, we help you get into a continuous improvement cycle and identify the next steps such as:

  • Migrating your company from traditional to On-line sales
  • Organizing your Master Data Management (policies and plan)
  • Setting up your Digital Boardroom
  • Eliminating 100% of the manual steps in your processes: Achieving End-to-End Automation

Measuring your Performance

We help you in the setup of the KPI report for example via the delivery of dashboard tooling and accompanying implementation support. We provide you with the proper framework, roadmap, and tools for setting up a lasting KPI dashboard. This includes the appropriate IT solution tuned to the chosen ERP system. Most importantly, we help you shape your organization to keep your dashboard alive as this is where many implementations fail. The tool ultimately should have a lasting impact on your organization, your business, your success.