How to structure and sharpen your Master Data

Master Data governance has been imperative for Data Management initiatives, along with controlling the ever-growing amount of data in order to improve business outcomes. More and more organizations realize that Master Data governance is a necessity; however, there is a lack of experience in implementing enterprise-wide governance programs with actual, tangible results.

Q7 Consulting can help your company to set up an effective governance organization, provide you the draft policies, and delivers a scan to identify the current status (AS-IS).

The next step is then to define the desired status (To-Be) considering your Business and IT Strategy and compare that with the AS-IS so that the gaps can be easily identified. Consequently, we can help you to convert the Gap list into an Improvement Project or Action Plan so that you will be able to achieve your business goals.

If you would like to improve your Commercial Excellence and Sales Growth, Manufacturing Excellence or Demand & Supply Chain Excellence, we have the knowledge and the skills in house to help you further with:

Create Data Governance Setup the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the Data in enterprise systems, based on internal Data standards and policies that also control Data usage. Effective Data governance ensures that data is consistent and trustworthy and doesn’t get misused. Data ownership and Change Management are key topics.

Setup your Data Classification – Laying the foundation for having comprehensive views on your Data. Define what is what and how you want to see the Data. Have a proper structure in place on which you can build further.

Cleanup your existing Data – Load your existing data into your newly created Data Classification. Cleanup, restructure, harmonize, and adapt where required. Apply the policies that have been introduced. Learn how to improve and be more robust in the future.

A single view of your Data – Creating a single and comprehensive view of your business-critical Data that is in line with your Data classifications and free from duplicates and conflicts. Learn how to move your organization to the next maturity phase.

A 360-degree view of all Data relationships Mapping the Data with your Processes and Business rules will let you identify the relationships among the data elements. It will show how the Data impact your processes and vice versa. Learn how to become a leading-edge.

Dashboards for Performance Management Build the KPI dashboard that leverage the potential of your newly setup Data. Provide the actionable insights to your performance review cadence that will allow you to manage your team’s focus on achieving the desired targets. Mobilize your company resources in the right direction and create drive and acceptance among your employees.