CIO as a Service (CIOaaS)


As Q7 Consulting we understand that not all functions need to be represented in your own organization. This means that there can be significant value in outsourcing of your IT Operations and Service delivery. Outsourcing can only be done appropriately if there is seamless integration between your own organization and the outsourcing party. Doing this right can have a significant impact on your ability to deliver your services and meet the needs of your customers.

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to fill the strategic/tactical gap between your Management, your IT organization and the outsourcing parties. CIOaaS provides effective ongoing high-level management of IT strategy definition, its execution and IT service delivery contracts. In addition, you have access to technical expertise and advice at times of change, to support your organization in acquiring the technology it needs to deliver on its mission. Last but not least, the service is done interdependently from any IT Service Provider.

The service propositions

Q7 Consulting CIOaaS is available at the following three levels:

1. Ongoing advice & engagement (basic model)

Recommended for organizations seeking ongoing CIO-level advice to support strategy and decision-making.

This package is ideal for those organizations wishing to access CIO-level expertise to support internal development and decision-making. Typically suited to smaller and mid-size organizations that have a capable day-to-day IT support, this provides access to high-end industry expertise and consultation at much lower cost than a CIO on the payroll.

2. Co-working (extended model)

Recommended for organizations looking to inject expertise to support Senior Management as well as internal IT resources.

A co-working model that provides all the core essentials to support strategic and tactical IT Management to support Senior Management. We coach and support the internal IT resources and co-work with them. Our additional support and monitoring provide effective strategic and service oversight and ensures the best possible return on technology acquisitions and investments.

3. Full support (complete outsourcing model)

Recommended for organizations looking for full oversight of IT strategy and IT services.

This service is designed for those organizations that do not have (or do not desire) internal IT expertise and resources. The service provides complete support for effective IT governance, covering oversight of IT strategy, service performance, technology contracts and acquisitions, and Information security policy and IT compliance framework.

We recommend using the standard for Corporate Governance of Information Technology (ISO/IEC 38500:2010) and Information Security System (ISO/IEC 27001:2005), covering high-level management of IT policy and IT acquisitions in addition to IT strategy and IT service delivery performance.

Depending on the size and nature of the organization, all solutions can be further tuned to your need.