Virtual Office: Which platform is for you?

Digital Transformation implies Change. This Change is necessary when organizations seek to be competitive in their industries and markets but also to overcome day-to-day obstacles. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Change on organizations and pushed some to the brink of survival, scrambling to find new ways to create value.

In many countries, government measures and consequently company initiatives prevented people from attending physical offices or restricted face-to-face collaboration to a certain degree. These circumstances enabled many solutions, services and products to arise and tackle newfound challenges. One of these challenges is team collaboration in a seamless and efficient manner.

In this article we tackle the platforms existing today enabling teams to collaborate remotely. Do they boost your productivity and fit your organizational culture? Which one to choose?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform destined to act as a work hub from which you can use Office 365 apps and other add-ons that help you work efficiently. Teams supports your business structure as you tailor it to your needs.

If your organization uses Office 365 then for sure you have used Microsoft Teams for video calls. Well, it’s useful for much more, such as a document library, project management, power apps, etc.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Workspace is a platform by Google who had an earlier version called G Suite. Workspace has all of Google’s cornerstone apps: Gmail, Calendar, Meet and Drive.

Docs, Sheets and Slides can integrate with their Office 365 counterparts (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Lesser known apps are Chat, Forms and Sites (its website builder).

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by facebook

Workplace is a platform by Facebook, its features pretty much take social media’s popular framework and transforms it into a “workplace” setting.

The platform has a News Feed, Groups, Chat, Live Video, Knowledge Library and integrates other tools from Google and Office 365.

What can Q7 Consulting do for you?

Already using a platform: We help you by guiding, optimizing and implementing processes that let you take advantage of all features. We also provide basic and advanced training and materials for your teams; learn what the buttons do and when/how to best push them.

Looking for a platform: We guide you through all the options, analyze how you work and help you implement the Change towards a platform that best fits your business and gives you the capability to run a Virtual Office successfully.

Recommended Service

Virtual Office – Microsoft Teams

We provide you with the Basics, Next Steps, Organize for Success and Add-ons for Microsoft Teams, which includes:

  • Phase I – Live Master Class.
  • Phase II – IT & Data Governance, Standard Operational Procedures.
  • Phase III – Improve Business Performance, apply Apps.

Contact us for detailed information on each Phase and the corresponding deliverables.


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