Change Management in IT projects


This article is about Change Management and the consequences for IT projects. It will look in more depth regarding the specific change management topics in IT projects and it concludes with basic rules on how to effectively address the Human Factor in such projects by applying a structured approach.

The experience from many different parties tells us that 75% of System Implementations fail to deliver their expected benefits. The one constant factor is that Change Management for People, Process, and Technology is not appropriately addressed. Business leaders often do not realize enough how important this is or know how to achieve it. Simply stated, but not so easily done.

You are encouraged to read further if you want to ensure your project ends up in the 25% quadrant.

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Get ready for the Digital Boardroom


This post describes the challenges in getting ready for a Digital Boardroom. You may ask yourself what is a Digital Boardroom? We believe that this is the information in electronic format delivered to management to make quick and clear business decisions without any manual intervention using high quality and reliable data. If that is the company’s desired end-state for Information Delivery, Process Optimization, Governance (processes, policies & IT) and Willingness (people behaviour) need your clear attention.

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Serialization: How to turn a burden into a benefit

Serialization will for sure bring benefits to the Pharma Industry, it will deliver brand protection and it will help combat against counterfeiting. Next to that, the entire supply chain (from manufacturer to pharmacist) will become fully tracked and traceable so that pharmacists can always verify the authenticity of the product before handing over to the end-consumers.

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